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Mushroom spores are tiny reproductive structures found in mushrooms. These structures, called basidiospores, are formed on the mushroom’s gills or on other parts of the fruit body. They contain a single set of genetic instructions, as opposed to sexual spores that contain two sets of chromosomes (one from each parent). Mushroom spores for sale are usually stored in petri dishes and sold for their medicinal or psychoactive properties.

Mushroom Spores Benefits.

Mushroom spores are very nutritious in nature and can work wonders for our health. There are many health benefits of mushroom spores which can help to enhance the immune system, improve body’s ability to absorb calcium, lower blood pressure and also can help to regulate blood sugar levels.

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Our mission is to provide the

Mushroom Spores
Mushroom Spores

the largest variety of mushroom spores in the U.S.A and Canada to home microscopy enthusiasts, amateur mycologists and small businesses. All spore types produced are 100% guaranteed viable and viable for decades. This spore collection includes all 16 currently released Psilocybe Cubensis on our site.

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